My Practical Paradise

Though I have maintained a blog for some years (Everyone Here is Jim Dandy, on blogspot), and will continue to maintain that blog, what I want to do in My Practical Paradise is to create a blog, using the powerful WordPress platform, that will focus more particularly on travel and on expatriate life in Indonesia through entries that will be generally longer and more polished than those I jot down in Jim Dandy and Facebook. Admittedly, this will be somewhat of a challenge for a lazy old man such as myself. Pressed, however, by the fond memory, at least, or more productive days, as well as the nagging of my wife, whose energy is unbounded, I hope to achieve a sense of meaningful employment, one might say, and kind of stir the still waters of my restful proclivities such that I may avoid becoming stagnant rather than merely still. Peace and comfort, after all, are not necessarily the products of inaction, and may, in fact, left to themselves, morph to boredom and anxiety.

Once I learn to navigate and interact more fully with WordPress and its multiplicity of features and options, I will also utilize ad sites, links, and access to other accounts, such as Instagram, for instance, featuring many more photographs of all the beautiful locales one may enjoy, as well as the stunning beauty of Bali itself. I will also likely add some of my past articles fromĀ The Bali Times andĀ Bali Style Magazine.

To the meantime, help is on its way in the person of my friend, Chipon, from Java, and others who possess the aptitude I lack for website engineering.